Tool Management Redefined
by Tim Murdock
Technical Specialist

Tool Management has a new role. There has always been a need for manufacturers’ representatives, tool distributors, and tooling integrators. Modern tool management takes the best of these old standards and adds new business practices in order to provide the customer with optimum tooling support to reach their defined goals. These new practices come in many different forms that I will discuss in this article and in future articles.

Since 1947, Mahar Tool Supply has relentlessly worked to provide better tooling solutions for our customers. In the past decade, we have optimized our tool management process by redefining tool management in light of the benefits it provides our customers. No matter the size of the customer, every tool management program must define key initiatives, identify the scope of work necessary to achieve those initiatives, and determine action items that can be tracked. One such initiative that can be easily tracked is tooling inventory. Many companies still only act as tooling integrators by simply listing inventory costs and goals. We don’t believe this is adequate. Mahar’s tool management program first breaks down inventory into groups (i.e., durable and perishable) and then provides the customer with detailed analysis on how and when we can reach their tooling inventory goals; we then provide the tools to track and report our progress. We apply the same techniques to Cost per Unit (CPU), quality, throughput, and numerous other measurables. Simply listing costs is not adequate. As every car owner knows, the most important factor in operating a vehicle is not the cost of the gallon of gas; more important is how far you can go on that gallon of gas and how safely and efficiently you will arrive. 

In order to take our Tool Management program to these new heights, Mahar also employs an entire support team. Our personnel are highly-skilled and experienced in providing on-site support in the areas of engineering, inventory control, cutter grind, preset management, and program management. Our off-site support personnel include Mahar’s Tech Team, customer service representatives, purchasing agents, and business data analysts. 

By utilizing Mahar’s support personnel and state-of-the-art tooling management program, your company will realize a reduction in costs while improving your manufacturing process. We are able to do this not only because of our technology and wide array of expertise and skills, but because we listen to your needs and analyze your environment in order to develop a custom tool management solution for your company. 

Mahar Tool Supply has redefined tool management. We are now taking our expertise into other areas such as in gage management and chemical management. Mahar Tool Supply has the experience you need to reach your goals. 

Next month, please look forward to Don’t Lower That Tool Life, YET!

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